Our Logy Trace Consignment Tracking solution saves Logistic business owners from many serious issues like hijacking and theft.

On the other side, improper management of consignment vehicles may lead to delay or failure in the consignment that can push your business towards Loss. The powerful Logistic Tracking System not only tracks your consignments but also helps you to avoid transportation failures due to delays, third party dependencies, improper communications, etc. The real-time tracking makes a great difference in managing consignments and logistics analysis becomes very easy for the owner with a wide range of 3 layered reports available in the consignment tracking software.


Integration with ERP

The ERP of the consignment tracking system is available with the integration that allows the logistics owners to easily integrate our consignment tracking ERP with their business systems and manage their business on a single system.

Real-time Notification

The system provides real-time notifications via both SMS and email for each consignment delivery process to the owner that helps them in taking immediate actions to any uncertain situation after the instant notifications of any event of the consignment.

Eliminate Dangerous Driving

Driver Behavior monitoring alerts allow the owner to monitor the driving performance during consignment transportation and eliminate dangerous driving. It provides many safety alerts like speeding, hard braking, sudden acceleration, and so

Advanced Trip Analysis

The consignment tracking system provides three-layered trip reports and history trip playback for complete trip analysis of all the consignments. This benefits the owner to minimize cost, minimize risk factor and improve their customer service as well.