Tracing Smart Fleet management solutions

Tracing Smart Services Overview and Benefits

Tracing Smart GPS trading is a leader in telematics industry, providing IOT services to businesses of all sizes.

Fleet management services Real-time, any time.

Tracing Smart fleet management solutions offer the easiest way to monitor and dispatch your vehicles which gives you the power and performance of a complete fleet management system. Fleet owners gain a new level of control over their vehicles, driver and fleet operating costs. Tracing smart revolutionizes dashboard helps fleet managers to keep trace and locate on their fleet every 1 minute.


Delivery and distribution
  • Planning the trip route
  • real time indication for work plan violations.
  • Picking up and distribution, includes parameters of time and location.
  • Play back history report of the vehicle movement over the map
  • Speed violation reports
  • delayed arrivals to the pick-ups/distribution stations.
  • Assigning the available vehicle for the tasks based on the location and information on the closest vehicle to the pick-up location,
  • Receiving up-to-date information on the vehicle's location, with a wide base of settings and parameters.
  • Location based management of the station.
  • Driver identification at any time.

Vehicle Telematics
  • Back up button for enabling the vehicle (in case of network failure) for over the air enabling.
  • Remote activation of doors
  • Sensors for Fuel level.
  • Temperature sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • Telemetries interface report:
  • Rpm
  • Temp
  • Panic Button
  • Vehicles on/off
  • Set doors
  • Alarms
  • Lock/unlock doors
  • Onboard
  • Immobilization
  • Capability of polling a vehicle while it is Idle
  • Exception Report:
  • Vehicle reach border
  • Over speeding status
  • Telemetric issues

Sensitive containers
  • Assigning the available vehicle for the tasks based on the location and information on the closest vehicle to the pick-up location, directly to a display in the vehicle.
  • Receiving real-time alert for temperature drop on a cooling container.
  • A panic button used for life threatening situations and is supported by an option to open a voice channel between the control center and the client.
  • Report vehicle accidents and provide pinpoint location, vehicle status, and speed.
  • Enables the client to receive the security related warnings from his vehicle, directly to his mobile phone. Connection to electronic seals to receive real-time alert for unauthorized opening.

Nearest Vehicles
  • Specifying an end point on the map interface, landmark or geo fence and measure the distance in between.
    • Disabling of Vehicles on scheduled time (through customer requests)
    • Circular & Polygon Geo Fence
    • Fence violation reports
    • Country Fence (U.A.E border, Oman Border etc. based on the region of operation)- common to all users in a region.
    • State Fence (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi etc.)
    • Routing
    • Planning & implementing the route (with delivery points) on the map (GIS)
    • Scheduling of routes to vehicles (with Estimated time of arrival & departure for each entry point)
    • Create customizable routes (To – From routes which could be on a daily basis, weekly etc based on the requirement)
    • Generating reports based on route schedule adherence
    • Linking existing landmarks with routes
    • Expected time of arrival & departure from route points

  • Driver fatigue
  • Driver Behavior
  • Driver Management
  • Driver work schedule
  • Driver logs and identity

Route Optimization
  • Easy route selection
  • Route violation reports

Schedule adherence
  • Scheduled arrival
  • Scheduled departure
  • Actual arrival
  • Actual departure
  • Unscheduled stops

Maintenance Data
  • Manufacturing date/calculating the replacement of vehicles
  • Adding data entry modules for Fuel bills so that fuel consumption per mileage can be calculated for vehicles.
  • Emergency Response System
  • Emergency response System Nearest Vehicle (for Police & Ambulance in case of emergency)
  • To Find the nearest vehicle from a given point (from all vehicles, group of vehicles)
  • To find the nearest landmark (hospital, school, police station etc)