The MDVR police car can not only track the position but also monitor the travelling states of vehicle and its status.

This can be accommodating for different circumstances by recording the entire progression and upload it to the monitoring center. As once Police MDVR is built-in GPS,3G/4G and WIFI. So, it can be with GPS google map, remote live view via iPad, iPhone, Android and PC and download recording.

Investigation has blind spots, cannot cover everywhere. The rapid development of video technology and network technology in recent years provides the best solutions for police.


The Ambulance security system is categorized by mobility, unexpectedness and perseverance. Front-line departments need to exchange real-time information with the ambulance security data center in real time. In specific, the data transmission application of video and related pictures can significantly enhance the case handling efficiently for ambulance security personnel.

  • Safeguarding driver and passenger safety
  • Providing evidence for accident and criminal investigations
  • Amended operational competence and receptiveness to ensure the most efficient operations with the fastest response time possible, fleet management telematics and CCTV solutions can be implemented to track and manage vehicle locations as well as providing data to train drivers to the retain optimum driving ability


With the growth in the size of modern fire gear, it is becoming a greater need to overwhelmed blind spots for the driver. So, it is no surprise that while cameras mounted on the outside of fire apparatus have been around for several decades, they have become a more popular option in just the past several years.

While the majority of vehicle-mounted cameras address the driver’s view of the road in front and that behind the apparatus, increasingly fire apparatus is being specified with side-view cameras as well.

In addition to those 360-degree views around the apparatus, fire departments are also having cameras mounted in specialty areas of fire vehicles such as the tip of an aerial or the top of an aircraft rescue and firefighting truck.