On- duty field task monitoring builds for release the burden of employees. Get the exact location of an employee on the geographical map, monitor, track its task completion and manage all the expenditures of an employee who works in the field

On-duty field task monitoring is the ultimate task management software used for task management and field staff monitoring. It is the best option to enhance your company environment and productivity than ever by giving the opportunity to access task and to-do list at any time, from anywhere.
On duty field Mobile dashboard arranges all the tasks at one place to let you easily access the required data.


Today's Task Summary
Set Online / Offline status as per requirement.
Task Summary
View task on geographical location
This improves on-field performance significantly
Advance task completion report
List view is available for better understand
Set Priorities and before starting work
The tasks can be arranged, planned, allocated and in advance.

This task management solution tracks the expense of the user. The management can monitor these expenditures with On Duty field monitoring.
On Duty field manages employee’s leave easily. An employee can ask for leave and manager can accept or reject it in the same app.
• Add new leave
• View leave status

On Duty web dashboard built for managers to keep eye on tasks allocated to their employee. It provides key analytics to get exact idea of your employee performance.
• Task filters by the assigned user, due date, status etc.
• All task summaries by different object
• Graphical representation of analytics like top performers, top traveler, highest leave taker, etc.